We are a movement that seeks to return the right of self-government to Texans and make Texas a free, independent, and prosperous nation again.

Since our inception the Texas Nationalist Movement has connected with hundreds of thousands of Texans, conducted thousands of media interviews, participated in international conferences on self-determination, and grown the movement for Texas independence into one of the largest in the world. In fulfilling our mission, we have given a home to all Texans who believe that Texas would be better off as an independent nation.

Through the Texas Nationalist Movement, we've made significant strides towards realizing our goal of a free, independent, and self-governing Texas. Our achievements are not just milestones; they're proof of what Texans can accomplish when united by a common cause. We've successfully brought the conversation of Texas independence into the mainstream, securing a place for our mission in public discourse and policy discussions. These efforts have laid a solid foundation for our future work, demonstrating our commitment to the principles of independence and self-governance. As we move forward, we remain focused on engaging with every Texan who shares our vision, building a movement that is not only large but strong, informed, and ready to make Texas' independence a reality.

Daniel Miller President, Texas Nationalist Movement

Our Mission

Our mission is to secure and protect the political, cultural and economic independence of the nation of Texas and to restore and protect a constitutional Republic and the inherent rights of the people of Texas.

Our Work is defined by a relentless pursuit of Texas' independence, a goal we approach with strategic action and unwavering dedication. At the heart of our efforts is the engagement and mobilization of Texans across the state, from the Panhandle to the Gulf Coast, who share our vision for a free and independent Texas. We've spearheaded initiatives that educate the public on the benefits of self-governance, fostered community through statewide events, and advocated for legislation that aligns with our mission of independence.

Through our work, we've not only raised awareness but also cultivated a robust network of supporters and volunteers committed to our cause. Our achievements in this journey are a testament to the power of grassroots organizing and the deep-rooted belief in Texas' right to self-determination. As we continue to push forward, our focus remains on building a strong foundation for Texas' future, ensuring that every action we take brings us closer to realizing our vision of an independent nation, governed by and for Texans.

TEXIT Referendum

We literally wrote the book on how to make TEXIT happen and have worked ceaselessly to get Texans a vote on independence. The TNM drafted first-of-its-kind legislation and have fought every session to get it introduced and passed by the Texas Legislature.

Building Support

We have engaged in a relentless public information campaign via traditional media, social media, public events, conferences, and other activities to increase support for our mission. Click the button below to read about our work.

Organizing The Nation

Since our inception we have worked to connect with all Texans who want to see a free and independent Texas. Through our efforts we have registered over 600,000 TEXIT supporters.

History & Culture

The TNM understands the fundamental relationship between our unique culture and independence. We have been at the forefront of preserving, educating, celebrating and defending Texas history and culture.

Better Government

From the day of our founding, the TNM has fought to hold government officials at every level accountable to the people who elected them. Starting in 2012, we began recruiting, fielding, and supporting pro-Texas, pro-TNM candidates for public office.

Helping Texas

The TNM believes that strong communities are the backbone of a strong nation. We believe that Texans can take care of our fellow Texans better than any federal program. Since 2005 our volunteers have assisted in recovery and relief efforts throughout Texas.

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